Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I can spell!

So i am sitting at the dinner table with the boys and I start asking Michael about his day and what he did. He said they did some writing and I asked him if he was getting better at spelling? Michael said Yes. Isaac then proceeds to say that he knows how to spell and I said No you can't! He says " yeah listen...12345", I said that is not spelling that is counting. Then i said can you spell your name? Isaac says, " yes, Isaac John Powell" LOL

Out of the mouth of Babes!

So, most of you know Isaac is on a most sugar free food. Well, this morning I gave him his special gum to clean his teeth. He like to just chew for a few seconds then loves to spit it out, well today I gave him his gum and said that he needed to chew for at least 5 minutes to get teeth cleaned. Well, he didn't like that idea and asked if he could spit it out? I said if you spit it out how are you going to get your teeth clean? His response " with reese's cups and Butterscotch"!!!! LOL

Monday, April 26, 2010

My famous desert for the Children:)
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