Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fisrt of all let me say How much I love hanging out at my brothers house. Yes, he can be a butt and pick on me but isnt that what brothers are for? I know he loves me even if he don't admit it...LOL
Tonight we had a NERF war!!! First it started off as my kid and nephew attacking him and then some how I got into the mix of it all. They all started ganging up on me, really!!! I was trying anything and everything to protect myself from those nerfs. They can hurt if close enough. Oh and the picture behing my husband, yeah well that was my brother trying to get me with a rubber band. I have a phobia of rubber bands, just like you may have a phobia of spiders. Don't judge me...LOL I was screaming like a little girl and told him that I don't like those and if he hit me we would have issues. He just laughted and laughted but never attempted to attack me. Thank-goodness we might of had some issues.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

I just love this time of the year, when my kids get to put boxes together and take them to church to be shipped off to a different country. We bought the stuff and then my oldest and I headed off to Awana's last night. He got to praise God and listen to prayers that these boxes will arrive safely and someone will come to know Jesus. We had so much fun wrapping the box, then packing, and then writing to a person we don't know. We sent our address as well, and hope that this child will write to my son. We love to talk about Christmas and what it means. My oldest knows that most likely this is all they will get for Christmas and how thankful we should be that we can send a care package off. I let him know it's not all about the toys, but they also need care products. I cannot wait till this Sunday when we will see how many boxes our church has to be sent off.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I know I have been MIA, but I usually keep up on facebook. But it seems like on FB, all I read about is little girls not having a boyfriend again...LOL To be a teenager again. School keeps me busy, more than I would like to admit. My kids are fed, and bathed and cared for but I don't play with them as much as I would like to. Plus, I get depressed real fast, and don't want to play:( Haven and I have some big changes coming our way, and I cannot wait. But until then, for the people in my secret groups, it is going to stay a secret just a little bit longer. Sorry!! Other than that, I hope to keep unpdated on here more often. I had a awesome message at church the other day, and no matter how much I love my computer, I need to slow down. I need to break some chains and get in with the word of the LORD more than I do on this technology devise. That means less computer and more Bible!! 4 weeks left of school, and then I get about 3 weeks off and i am going to be doing a lot of cleanup in my life and of my house which is right now stationed in the basement of my MIL's house. Okay, gonna go. Michael will be home soon and well he loves to eat, so it is my duty as a mom to go cook him dinner:) Man do I just love them so much.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Awesome Weekend

Saturday I got to hang out with my Brother in Law and his little girl who I adore with all my heart. She is like a daughter to me:) Isaac loves playing with her, Haven was at work and I was bored. We got the pool up and going to get it very clean and hope to swim in it very soon. We took a walk on the trails after eating the best pizza I have ever had:) We had to go to the store and get Chlorine for the pool, so we shoved 3 kids and 2 adults in this dinky car (Don't worry we all had seat belts) well kinda. The driver (who was me, in his car) had to put my seat click thing in the passenger clip and well, Chuck he put his seat belt on and hooked it to the emergency break thing. Yeah real safe, huh?? When we got back we ATE more, this time a yummy sub. Then took the kids down to the creek and let them get all dirty as heck. I brought all 3 kids back to my house and threw them in the bath, well except my little girl. She was scared for some reason so i just washed her up with a wash cloth. Chuck then came to my house and before him my brother and 2 kids came for the night as well. We had a bond fire and had a blast. Sunday morning was great, woke up fed kids and filled the pool. We knew it was going to be a hot day. My brother and husband busted there butts putting in a vegetable garden( I am so ready to eat them:) ) The kids played in the pool all day! I went to church and when I got home there was yummy ribs and pork chops ready for me on the stove. It was great:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

RUN, if you see mommy with a pair of scissors!


So, Saturday I decided Isaac needed a hair cut badly. We are on a tight budget so I decide I am going to cut it my self....LOL! I get my scissor, water, comb and shaver all ready to go and scoot my child out side and into a chair. Let me tell you it was scary to think what he will come out looking like. He would not sit still for the life of me. I ask my husband what he thinks and he says it looks goofy and to spend a couple dollars to get it cut. So I call my friend and ask her for this huge favor and she cut his hair for only $7.00 but would have to wait till Sunday night after church. Oh my gosh I was going to have to wait all day today and tomorrow and have my child look like a goof ball out in public. Well 5 minutes later my friend calls and asks if I want to go on a play date and I said yes. So we go and she looks at his hair and says he looks like he has a bob and she should have brought barretts and a pink shirt....LOL I told her to shut up:) Well, i took him to get his hair cut last night and Tiff told Isaac, "if you see mommy with scissors and wants to cut your hair, RUN!!!!!" LMBO
Here is a picture of the new and improved hair cut:)
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mothers day is today:)

Sunday was the worst Mothers Day kids were very naughty and my husband was at work ALL day! So, today May 12th I am getting my Mothers day. Haven made me dinner, and I sat and ate...every time the children asked me for something, I said, Go ask your dad I am on extended vacation at the moment...LOL! Haven was like I am eating I just sat down to eat, blah blah blah. I said welcome to my world. I can't sit my fat ass down for 2 seconds before one of the kids ask me for something else. Anyways now he is getting ready to make me chocolate covered strawberries and feeling like a Princess:)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ice cream

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So Isaac and I the other day did a lot of yard work and I thought it was only fair for Haven to take us out for Ice Cream....LOL! Do you know how to get what you want? Just make it sound like the child really wants it and then he won't say no. So I texted Haven and told him that Isaac thinks it's only fair for him to take us out for ice cream since we did a lot of yard work.....WE GOT OUR WAY FOR SURE:)