Thursday, November 17, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

I just love this time of the year, when my kids get to put boxes together and take them to church to be shipped off to a different country. We bought the stuff and then my oldest and I headed off to Awana's last night. He got to praise God and listen to prayers that these boxes will arrive safely and someone will come to know Jesus. We had so much fun wrapping the box, then packing, and then writing to a person we don't know. We sent our address as well, and hope that this child will write to my son. We love to talk about Christmas and what it means. My oldest knows that most likely this is all they will get for Christmas and how thankful we should be that we can send a care package off. I let him know it's not all about the toys, but they also need care products. I cannot wait till this Sunday when we will see how many boxes our church has to be sent off.

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