Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I know I have been MIA, but I usually keep up on facebook. But it seems like on FB, all I read about is little girls not having a boyfriend again...LOL To be a teenager again. School keeps me busy, more than I would like to admit. My kids are fed, and bathed and cared for but I don't play with them as much as I would like to. Plus, I get depressed real fast, and don't want to play:( Haven and I have some big changes coming our way, and I cannot wait. But until then, for the people in my secret groups, it is going to stay a secret just a little bit longer. Sorry!! Other than that, I hope to keep unpdated on here more often. I had a awesome message at church the other day, and no matter how much I love my computer, I need to slow down. I need to break some chains and get in with the word of the LORD more than I do on this technology devise. That means less computer and more Bible!! 4 weeks left of school, and then I get about 3 weeks off and i am going to be doing a lot of cleanup in my life and of my house which is right now stationed in the basement of my MIL's house. Okay, gonna go. Michael will be home soon and well he loves to eat, so it is my duty as a mom to go cook him dinner:) Man do I just love them so much.

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