Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fisrt of all let me say How much I love hanging out at my brothers house. Yes, he can be a butt and pick on me but isnt that what brothers are for? I know he loves me even if he don't admit it...LOL
Tonight we had a NERF war!!! First it started off as my kid and nephew attacking him and then some how I got into the mix of it all. They all started ganging up on me, really!!! I was trying anything and everything to protect myself from those nerfs. They can hurt if close enough. Oh and the picture behing my husband, yeah well that was my brother trying to get me with a rubber band. I have a phobia of rubber bands, just like you may have a phobia of spiders. Don't judge me...LOL I was screaming like a little girl and told him that I don't like those and if he hit me we would have issues. He just laughted and laughted but never attempted to attack me. Thank-goodness we might of had some issues.

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