Monday, May 17, 2010

RUN, if you see mommy with a pair of scissors!


So, Saturday I decided Isaac needed a hair cut badly. We are on a tight budget so I decide I am going to cut it my self....LOL! I get my scissor, water, comb and shaver all ready to go and scoot my child out side and into a chair. Let me tell you it was scary to think what he will come out looking like. He would not sit still for the life of me. I ask my husband what he thinks and he says it looks goofy and to spend a couple dollars to get it cut. So I call my friend and ask her for this huge favor and she cut his hair for only $7.00 but would have to wait till Sunday night after church. Oh my gosh I was going to have to wait all day today and tomorrow and have my child look like a goof ball out in public. Well 5 minutes later my friend calls and asks if I want to go on a play date and I said yes. So we go and she looks at his hair and says he looks like he has a bob and she should have brought barretts and a pink shirt....LOL I told her to shut up:) Well, i took him to get his hair cut last night and Tiff told Isaac, "if you see mommy with scissors and wants to cut your hair, RUN!!!!!" LMBO
Here is a picture of the new and improved hair cut:)
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